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“The goal of my work is to support people as they discover new possibilities, develop their potential with creativity and strength and fulfill their heart’s desires. It brings me joy to be able to accompany people in realizing their true needs and values, so that both work and life have meaning and can be experienced with success and satisfaction.”

Training and work experience:

Adelheid PetrickAdelheid Petrick studied Pedagogy, Sport and Rhythm at the PH Freiburg and Psychology at the Tübingen University.

After her studies, she worked for 12 years in various educational institutions both in Germany and overseas. During this time she worked initially as a teacher, then as a teacher trainer and supervisor, therapist and personnel developer.

Since 1993 she has been trained in various methods and approaches of body-centered therapy, voice and breath therapy and NLP(Master).

Since 1999 she has been working as an organizational development consultant, systemic consultant and management coach in businesses, within leadership trainings and accompanying change or coaching processes.

Her work is resource and solution based with an emphasis on personal development, social competences, expression and performance training, based on perception of self and how others perceive you.

It is important for her to establish a balance between mind, heart and belly (human potential), as a basis for satisfaction, acceptance, equanimity and success. In her seminars and trainings in emotional intelligence, stress management and work life balance, this can be experienced.

Personal values:

  • acceptance
  • trust
  • aliveness
  • empathy
  • humor
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