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• Angelika Rücker

“When I can support people in companies, to live their potential to the maximum, to experience more self-awareness and clarity und to do their work with more engagement, fun and creativity, it gives me great contentment. I am convinced that only people living in this state are a solid base for a company to generate sustaining success.”

Professional background and education:

Angelika RückerAngelika Rücker holds a degree in adult education and psychology (Dipl. Päd., University Münster, Germany). In the beginning with some collegues she started up a counseling center and gave courses in her profession. Later on she worked as a trainer for human skills in business education. Over the years she got trained in group-dynamics, bioenergetic body work, NLP, systemic counseling and systemic constellation work.

Since 1998 she leads leadership trainings and gives coaching sessions to support personal growth and business development in change-situations.
Moreover she works as process and team supervisor.

Angelika Rücker focusses on resources, experiental learning, innovative solutions and the transfer in everyday work. Her alive style of working with people and the creative methods lead to integration and cooperation. The supportive atmosphere of acknowledgement, lightness und trust generates sustaining learning results.

She works in German and English.

Main Work Areas:

  • Leadership development, social competencies, effective communication and personal efficiency – personal mastery in business
  • Company-development – optimization of organisational interfaces and processes and a new quality in cooperation
  • Work-Life-Balance / Stressmanagement, maintaning emotional, mental and physical health and productivity
  • Supporting the dialogue among men and women in business context – optimizing the synergy of their different competencies

Personal values:

  • Authenticity
  • Awareness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Acceptance
  • Trust
  • Humor
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