Positive emotions and attitudes play an important part in being successful. How can we humans evoke them more in us and experience their power? It´s in our own hands to focus our attention accordingly!


As the Eico Institute we focus on the development of a constructive and intelligent way to be with human emotions – one´s own ones as well as the emotions of the people we work and live with.

Eico InstituteThe importance of the “emotional factor” in our communications has been more and more emphasized and proved by modern brain science in the last couple of years.

Nothing in the human area is happening without emotions – even if some still see it differently.

Our “belly feeling” plays an important role in our decision-making-process – even if we think that we are completely rationally. Our belly feeling stimulates and warns us.

Emotions and feelings are inseparably connected to all our experiences; they vibrate in every aspect and influence our motivation. And we are social beings who would like to cooperate and feel good with other people. A well developed intelligence is a foundation of a mature personality and has an impact on success.

A world characterized by fast changes, stressful work and global insecurities asks for the following personal competencies:

  • Awareness
  • Clear authenticity
  • Empathy and social competence
  • Emotional and energetic stability
  • Relaxedness/ calmness and creativity

All of these qualities are developed from a basis of emotional intelligence. Here we have our focus. We direct our offer to modern companies in which there is a need for these competencies and who are willing to directly invest in their development.

Our approach is holistic: together with our customers we search for new solutions on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level which produce a high impact and greater expansion.

“Positive emotions are not only the fundament for a balanced life. They also enrich success in work and business: The one who does his work with a positive attitude, is more effective and can respond more relaxed to stress. And the most surprising: positive emotions can be generated in almost every life and work situation.”
From magazine: Managerseminare, June 2008