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Incremental improvements like “More/ better/ faster/ higher/ further” are not enough, because more means more of the same and does not produce  truly innovative results. Today it is important to reinvent thinking and acting within a bigger perspective so that new areas of possibility open up – in the sense of a real paradigm shift.

This ability to deal with change is precisely the innovative ability that is requested of today’s leaders, in addition to specialized knowledge and social competencies.

But what is this new competence and above all, how does this show itself in daily business and concrete results? Leadership in Change focuses exactly on this topic.

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The modern leader needs an awareness of both himself and “how things are done here”, capable of questioning himself and the status quo, in order to develop and implement new procedures.

This requires a refined ability to reflect, a developed awareness and an enormous capacity for learning, along with an attitude that inspires enthusiasm and creativity in others.

The current research in organizational development (Dr. C. Otto Scharmer, MIT) identifies four central factors which prevent learning in businesses and for employees:

  1. We don’t recognize the importance and meaning of what we see (perceive)
    – we are trapped in our old and familiar thought patterns/paradigms which filter our perception.
  2. We don’t say what we think
    – ingrained taboos are avoided, unusual ideas and “out of the box” thinking is dismissed as crazy.
  3. We don’t do what we say
    – old habits are stronger than good intentions.
  4. We don’t see what we do
    – we miss the impact of our actions on the bigger picture/ bigger context (departmental/ limited thinking in businesses).

At the same time, the latest findings of neuroscience (Prof. Gerald Hüther) show that people are motivated by two central needs: the need to belong and the need for freedom.

People want to contribute to something bigger, to be appreciated for their uniqueness in their contribution and to be recognized for their abilities and qualities. Without enthusiasm there is no progress! Leadership in Change combines these findings in a unique way.

The leaders learn to develop their potential and that of their employees, using their intellect, intuition, feelings, and actions to contribute as a whole human being.

Reliable trustful relationships are established on the foundation of a common understanding of values and vision. Each individual’s ability to learn and with that the whole company’s ability to learn, produces innovative solutions and approaches for new challenges. Barriers between different areas / departments go down, cooperation and synergies are developed.

The communication is oriented towards results and solutions. Crises and mistakes are used as learning situations for creative approaches. An immense strength (collective intelligence) is released, individuals act with responsibility and for the benefit of the whole, leading to extraordinary results.

The company gains stability and agility through a clear alignment – vision and strategy paired with a leadership and company culture based on shared values. A sustainable culture of change and learning becomes a daily reality in the business.


  • approx. one and a half year process
  • tailor-made development process based on a thorough analysis of the status quo
  • process oriented  adaptation of the planning through monitoring
  • three day seminar alternating with coaching days
  • team supervision
  • continious partnership dialogue
  • evaluation of results

We would be happy to provide further information in a personal talk!

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