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• Sabine Horack

“For me the great art in life is in being able again and again to relax into the present moment, in private life as well as in work situations. I find joy in supporting clients with this.”

Sabine SotoSabine Horack, nonmedical practitioner, studied sociology and psychology at the University of Hamburg. Over the years she worked in different international educational centers first in Hamburg, then in Laguna Beach (USA), later in Munich. She was married to an American and lived in the States for 5 years.

Besides organizing workshops and trainings in the field of communication and management her main interest has always been in consciousness and human growth. She is trained in NLP and hypnosis, massage, Ayurveda, various Asian centering techniques and meditation.

Since 2002 she works in her own praxis as Ayurveda- and Body-therapist, meditation teacher and coach. Since 2009 she is a Heilpraktikerin.

In EICO institute she offers individual work for the seminar participants. Her Dynamic Balance Body Coaching can be integrated in the seminars and supports personal- and leadership development.

Main Work Areas:

  • Health-management
  • Stress-management
  • Energy competence
  • Finding your personal relaxation technique

Personal values:

  • Aliveness
  • Heartfulness
  • Connectedness
  • Spontaneity
  • Beauty
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