Martin Horack

“It is my mission to counsel people in organizations with lightness, presence and creativity in such a way that they can go successfully their own individual path with power diginty. I highly appreciate a focused aliveness, a spirit that is awake and unusual creative ways in work.

Angelika Rücker

“When I can support people in companies, to live their potential to the maximum, to experience more self-awareness and clarity und to do their work with more engagement, fun and creativity, it gives me great contentment.

Sabine Soto

“For me the great art in life is in being able again and again to relax into the present moment, in private life as well as in work situations. I find joy in supporting clients with this.”

Gabriele Trommer

“Again and again I am impressed about the enormous possibilities and success which happen when individuals align their unique qualities, skills and potentials behind a common goal.

Nik Kemp

“I love the diversity of the human experience, how each one of us has a unique combination of skills, abilities and qualities. The strength, which comes from recognizing and developing this uniqueness is a joy to observe and seeing how both teams and individuals can benefit, is extremely satisfying.

Adelheid Petrick

“The goal of my work is to support people as they discover new possibilities, develop their potential with creativity and strength and fulfill their heart’s desires.